Zero packaging organic veg box



No plastic, no punnets, no bags, not even a rubber band – just veg! Customers asked for a plastic free veg box; we’re really pleased to have gone one step further, creating a packaging free box of loose veg. You’ll get a colourful mix of 8 seasonal organic veg every week, including staples of potatoes, plus carrots or onions. The only thing in the box except veg will be our farm newsletter and seasonal recipes.

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Plastic free

Box contents for the coming weeks

From 3rd Aug

Spain Sweet potatoes
The UK Broad beans
The UK Broccoli
The UK Rhubarb
The UK Courgettes
The UK France Cos lettuce
Spain Red peppers
Spain Tomatoes

From 10th Aug

The UK Potatoes
Spain Barbosa onions
The UK Carrots
The UK Turnips
The UK Runner beans
The UK Savoy cabbage
The UK Leeks
The UK France Cos lettuce

From 17th Aug

The UK Potatoes
Egypt Onions
The UK Patty pan squash
The UK Runner beans
The UK Broccoli
The UK Savoy cabbage
France The UK Sweetcorn
The UK France Cos lettuce

That's our plan - but some items may change to bring you what's best on the day.

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Get to know your veg with our A-Z

Not sure how to tackle an unfamiliar vegetable in your box, or need some new ideas for old favourites? Here we share our veg expertise to help you make the most of everthing from cabbages to kohlrabi.

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