Squash box Grown by Guy Singh-Watson at Baddaford Farm, Devon

£14.55 / 7kg


This organic squash box will bring a burst of autumnal colour to your kitchen. It’s a great-value way to try at least 3 different varieties, to fuel seasonal soups, stews, risottos and more. We’ll include a recipe card too, to help you make the most of your haul. 7kg minimum weight.

The squash box will include a mix of these varieties: Spaghetti, Red & Green Kabocha, Bon-Bon, Delicata and Sweet lightning.

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Box contents for the coming weeks

From 29th Nov

The UK Selection of squash varieties (min. 7kg)

That's our plan - but some items may change to bring you what's best on the day.

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Country of origin

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  • The UK

UK Seasonality

We sow our squash in small pots in late April for planting out in mid May. They will not tolerate frost and we sometimes use crop covers to get them off to a good start.
A tray of slow-roasted squash is one of the most versatile bases out there for a hearty meal
- Guy Singh-Watson, Riverford founder

How to prepare

Some varieties have thin skin that is perfectly edible and can be left on, if you like; it’s a matter of preference. Generally, you’ll want to remove the skin by attacking it with a good peeler, but it is best to use a sturdy knife for the more robust and gnarly ones. Scoop out the insides with a large spoon - the seeds can be roasted as a snack and the pulp can be added to a stock pot if you want to avoid waste. Cut your squash into wedges or chunks for roasting, braising or adding into any number of soups, stews or sauces. The smaller varieties can be hollowed out, stuffed and baked whole if the fancy takes you.

For more info on varieties, look up squash in our A-Z of Veg.


Squash love being warm and dry, so enjoy their decorative qualities and store on a kitchen shelf. They should last weeks, if not months, like this. Once cut, keep it in the fridge and eat within a few days.

  • Grown by Guy Singh-Watson, Baddaford Farm, Devon

    Guy Singh-Watson is the founder of Riverford, and grew up on our own Wash Farm, Devon. These days, he also has his own farm just next door: Baddaford. On this 150-acre farm, nestled in a steep-sided valley, Guy and his team grow all sorts of organic fruit and veg for our boxes; from summer strawberries to autumn squash.

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