Quick organic fruit & veg box plus meat – small

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The week’s meals sorted. A small quick organic veg box, filled with 5 veg varieties. There’s no heavy roots: instead, a lighter mix of veg that can all be prepped and cooked in under 30 mins. Alongside that, 2 types of fruit, and 3 cuts of meat from the Riverford butchery. You’ll cook with a changing selection from our fields and farmers every week.

Box contents for the coming weeks

From 6th Apr

The Netherlands `Onions
The UK Carrots
Italy Swiss chard
The UK Wild garlic
Spain Green pepper
Spain Romano pepper
Argentina Pears
Morocco Clementines
The UK Pork shoulder joint - 450g
The UK Beef thin cut sirloin steaks - 300g (2 pack)
The UK Lamb mince - 300g

That's our plan - but some items may change to bring you what's best on the day.

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