Fresh essentials bundle



A weekly selection of fresh organic aromatics, herbs and spices to add piquancy and punch to your veg box cookery. Each week, we’ll send you a range of essentials including lemons or limes; garlic; chillies, turmeric, ginger or lemongrass; and a changing selection of herbs (two large or three slightly smaller bags, depending on availability). These complementary characters should really bring your weekly veg to life.

Our bundles are all hand packed, so quantities of each item may vary from week to week depending on the size and variety of our produce.

From Monday 5th October, we will no longer be selling the Fresh Essentials Bundle. Instead, from that week onwards, you’ll be able to choose your own selection of fresh organic herbs, chillies, garlic and turmeric as part of our expanded range.

How to prepare

Lemons & limes – Use a squeeze to lift a dish and add some sharpness. Use the grated zest to add some fragrance.

Garlic – Strong and pungent raw, soft and sweet if gently cooked or roasted.

Chillies – Use raw, or cooked into a dish to add some punch. Keep the seeds in if you want extra heat.

Lemongrass - Give the bulb end of the stalk a bash then throw into curries, soups and sauces to infuse like a teabag. Or whizz in a blender as part of a curry paste.

Turmeric - Scrape off the skin before use then chop or grate as desired and add to curries, soups, and even juices.

Ginger – Peel away the skin with the tip of a teaspoon, and finely grate to add some aromatic warmth.

Herbs – Use the whole leaves in a salad, or chop them as a flavourful flourish.


Keep your garlic in a dry, airy place; it will keep for several weeks. Keep everything else in the fridge and try to use your fresh herbs sooner rather than later. Consider freezing whatever you don’t get around to using. Chillies, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass can all be chopped or grated straight from the freezer. Herbs can be chopped, divided into ice cube trays, covered with water and frozen, ready for popping straight out into the pot.

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