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Sea purslane 30g

Sea purslane 30g


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Sea purslane is a succulent, crisp sea vegetable, with a naturally salty flavour. Ours is wild harvested on organic land, which is very rare, as it grows on a flooded organically certified field. Snap it up while you can – the season is short.


Sea purslane can be lightly boiled for a few seconds to remove some of its saltiness, but that taste of the sea is really its charm, so it’s best eaten raw. Pick the leaves off the stalks and wash well to remove any sand or grit.

Use the leaves as a garnish in a summery salad or with cooked veg, throw into summery stews at the last minute for a salty seasoning, or make a vegan pesto style dressing for greens, carrots, potatoes or pasta by blitzing a handful with a clove or two of garlic, a tablespoon of pine nuts (optional), adding olive oil to thin the mix, lemon juice and black pepper to taste. Try with fried fish fillets or lamb steaks - melt a knob of butter, add 1-2 tbsp chopped purslane (or a few whole leaves), a squeeze of lemon juice and a grinding of black pepper. Pour over the fish or lamb to serve.

Country of origin

Produced in the United Kingdom.

Grower information

Our sea purslane comes from Great Orcheton Farm in South Devon, where we also harvest marsh samphire. It grows in low-lying fields along the edge of the Erme estuary, which were flooded when a 200 year-old sea wall broke. This created a rich wildlife habitat whose tidal nature also gave just the right conditions for samphire and sea purslane to grow in.