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school dinner awards

Our schools dinners for Landscove Primary were recognised as the best in the land by the Soil Association School Food Awards last week. The headmaster, our chef Jane Baxter and their team trooped up to Birmingham to receive the award from the main man, Jamie Oliver. It is amazing how things have changed in a year. Jamie Oliver deserves a huge amount of credit for projecting the issue in to the public debate but there are many more people(mostly women) who have worked away, out of the limelight, with quiet determination to set a revolution in progress. Something wonderful is happening to our approach to food in the UK. Listening to the BBC food awards, it was apparent that the crazy ideas of a few idealist freaks on the fringes are becoming a commercial reality, thereby taking an authentic passion for food into the mainstream.


We don't like passing on increased costs so, despite the fact that it is almost three years since most of you had an increase, we have thought long and hard before deciding that we will have to put our box prices up by between 50p and