Riverford Wicked Leeks

saved by the deluge

After no significant rain for two months, a low swept up the channel last night and dumped two and a half inches on us. The ground gratefully sucked it up as if it was a light shower and is still thirsty for more. It looks as if we will get a repeat this weekend as our staff make their annual exodus to Glastonbury. Shame.

Our strawberries have won a taste competition where they scored ten out of ten compared to those imported from Spain for the supermarkets, those conventionally farmed for the supermarkets and some extra large strawberries grown in the US for Marks and Spencer. The judges included the head of hospitality for Wimbledon and he immediately knew they were organic. The early strawberries, a variety called Honoye, have finished and we are now picking Symphony and Florence. I normally like the fuller, more rounded flavour of Florence but this year the fruit, which is often a bit irregular, is coming in all shapes and sizes and often has this weird hard tip. I think it must be down to the drought and the stress they have suffered causing the fruit to grow unevenly. I am having trouble convincing even myself they are the Bordeaux of strawberries and think we must look for another late variety. It is worth taking the time to cut them up, leaving the tip if necessary.