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6x Wild boar sausages with apple (gluten free) 400g

6x Wild boar sausages with apple (gluten free) 400g


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Great for BBQs or quick meals. Darker, leaner meat than pork, with a rich taste. Not at all gamey, just full of flavour, with a touch of sweet apple. Wild boar is a fantastic healthy choice, with lower cholesterol and fat than pork, but more protein.


Keep in fridge and use by the date on the label. Freeze if not using within 2 days. Once frozen defrost thoroughly and eat within 24 hours. Do not refreeze once thawed.

how to cook wild boar sausages

grill, fry or BBQ until cooked right through and the juices run clear.


wild boar (90%), seasoning (potato starch, apple (<1%), sea salt*, sugar, onion , ascorbic acid*, parsley, nutmeg, coriander, sage, citric acid*, natural flavouring*, black pepper), natural hogs casings*, water*, (* non organic).

for allergens, see ingredients in bold.

organic wild boar farmer

Our wild boar comes from Laverstoke Park’s herd of organic wild boars. They live in a purpose-built outdoor facility, with natural woodland. The boar enjoy a natural lifestyle, roaming and foraging as they would in the wild.

Riverford butchery

We choose traditional breeds, which we believe give better flavour. We carefully hang and butcher the meat ourselves, then mature it for extra flavour and tenderness.