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6 x Santa tresa grillo viognier 75cl

6 x Santa tresa grillo viognier 75cl


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Crisp and zesty organic white wine. A lovely blend of 70% Grillo and 30% Viognier grapes, bringing flavours of white flowers, apples and pears and stone fruits. It’s a winning combination – good as an aperitif, with fish or with Sicilian veg dishes like caponata. Silver Medal winner at the 2016 International Organic Wine Awards.

Pre-packed case price is cheaper than buying 6 full priced individual bottles.


Keep in a cool, dry, dark place.

Chill before serving.

Screwtop closure.

Alcohol: 13%

Sulphites: 112mg/l

Grape: 70% Grillo & 30% Viognier

Country of origin

Produced in Italy

About Feudo di Santa Tresa

Feudo di Santa Tresa is an organic estate in Vittoria, southern Sicily, where wine has been produced continuously since 1697. In 2002 it was taken over by Stefano Girelli, Marina Girelli and Massimo Maggio, who set about restoring the estate to its former glory. The sunlit, sea-breezy vineyards provide perfect conditions for organic growing with minimal intervention. Their approach to viticulture is very holistic: as well as grapes, they grow citrus, nuts and veg to fertilise the soil, and keep local bees. Water is drawn from ancient wells on the farm, and all the grapes are picked by hand.

Suitable for vegans.