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Samphire 100g

Samphire 100g


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Samphire is a crisp, succulent sea vegetable with a salty tang. It’s unique and delicious – and ours is also organic, as it grows in an organically certified Devon field that was flooded by the sea. Samphire is the perfect complement to fish or lamb, or creamy omelettes and scrambled eggs. Snap it up while you can – the season is short.


Samphire needs only very light cooking. Boil or steam for 3-4 mins, then dress in a little butter, pepper (it doesn’t need salt!) and a squeeze of lemon. As well as eating alongside meat or fish, it’s glorious in a summer salad – try with cherry tomatoes, broad beans, new potatoes and spring onions. Or start the day on the right foot by combining samphire’s salty smack with a creamy poached egg and rich black pudding.


Keep well-wrapped in plastic in the fridge. Eat as soon as possible and certainly within a few days; samphire does not keep for very long. Wash thoroughly before use.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

Need some inspiration

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