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Samuel Smith's perry 55cl

Samuel Smith's perry 55cl


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Organic sparkling pear cider, made in North Yorkshire. It has a delicate pale straw colour, smooth body, and lovely flavour – crisp yet rich, and bursting with fragrant summer pears.

Serve alongside blue cheese, salads, sweet potatoes, pear tart… something with a bit of ginger in will really make it sing.

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Alcohol 5%.

Allergens: none.

Suitable for vegans.

Store in a cool, dry place, serve chilled.

About Samuel Smith

The literally named Old Brewery, Tadcaster, is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire. Since 1758, ales and stouts have been brewed here using the highly mineralised water drawn from an aquifer, 85 feet below ground. Traditional brewing methods have lived on at the Old Brewery: Samuel Smith have their own cooper, making and repairing all their oak casks; they have been using the same strain of yeast since the nineteenth century; and their brewing water is still drawn from the original well sunk in 1758. They are the last brewery in England to ferment in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’ – fermenting vessels made of solid slate slabs, which give the brews a fuller-bodied flavour.