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Runner beans 400g

Runner beans 400g


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Runner beans are an iconic British summer veg, and a gardener’s classic. With lush foliage and scarlet flowers, they are an impressive and rewarding crop that thrives in the protection of a garden. A really fresh runner bean, picked at its best, takes a lot of beating.

How much bite should there be to a bean? Our chef Bob reckons they should be cooked to a ‘barely discernible squeak’. Or just eat them raw – they add sweet crunch to a salad dressed with vinaigrette.


Top and tail them and blanch in boiling salted water for a couple of minutes. They need to have a squeak when you bite into them. Try tossing them with shredded slow cooked tomatoes, diced olives and fresh basil.


Keeps for up to a week in the bottom of the fridge.


The first flush comes from our farm in the Vendée in June then home grown in August and September. They like to grow in hot and humid climates so can be a challenge to grow in the UK. Up for that challenge are our growers Jono Smales in Hampshire, along with Anthony Coker and Jim Skevington from the SDOP.

Country of origin

Grown in the UK.