Riverford Wicked Leeks
Award-winning organic restaurant

Our award-winning organic restaurant

The Riverford Field Kitchen on our farm in Devon

Join us on our Devon farm for outstanding organic food - seasonal, veg-packed and vibrant.

Welcome to our award-winning restaurant and pub, where organic veg is the star of every plate. Expect a flavoursome feast of freshly picked seasonal produce, changing every day to reflect what's at its best in the fields, with organic meat and fish options to boot. We'd love you to join us for a warm welcome, and an unforgettable seasonal meal.

Riverford Field Kitchen

The Field Kitchen, Devon

Fresh from our farm to your fork

At the Riverford Field Kitchen we are dedicated to growing and cooking seasonal, organic food with vegetables and herbs picked daily from our farm and field kitchen garden just metres from the restaurant.

The eating experience

We think great food tastes even better when you enjoy it with other people, so most of our guests share tables with fellow diners. Uniquely, there is just one sitting and the whole restaurant is served together at the same time with generous platters of food to share.

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Duke of Cambridge - update

Riverford is passing ownership of The Duke of Cambridge into the caring hands of Nico Treguer and Gareth Roberts from Roberts and Treguer (R+T), owners of the Culpeper in Spitalfields, the Buxton on Brick Lane and The Green in Clerkenwell. The pub will remain organic, the team led by Peter Weedon in the kitchen and Carolina Mello as General Manager will remain in place working in close collaboration with Sandy Jarvis and Josh O’Donnell from R+T, and we plan to run some Riverford events there from early 2020.

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