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Help us spread the word, and help your loved ones revolutionise the way they cook and eat!

Know someone you think would enjoy our seasonal organic veg? When you refer a friend to Riverford, we’ll give you each £15 if they become a customer, as a little thank-you.

The more people join our community, the more of a positive difference we can make together. For every one of your friends who joins us, we’ll also plant a native tree on organic farmland.

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Share your unique link

Simply copy the link and share it with as many friends as you like

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Your friend signs up

Your friend uses your link to sign up and place a regular order

step 3
You each get a £15 thank-you

Once your friend receives their first delivery, we’ll add £15 to both of your accounts, and hand plant a tree

Planting a tree for your friend

This opportunity is supporting our new agroforestry project. For every friend who joins Riverford, we’ll plant a walnut tree – either on our own Devon farm, or the farms of our friends in the South Devon Organic Producers cooperative.

Agroforestry – that’s planting trees around or among crops or livestock – has a number of benefits:

  • Creating a permaculture system (i.e. managing farmland to recreate flourishing natural ecosystems)
  • Sequestering carbon
  • Protecting and preserving healthy soils
  • Sustainably feeding livestock
  • Growing another edible crop - for us, walnuts

This is a really long-term project; we’ll hand plant the trees in November-March (the best season to get them well established), and look after them carefully. Over its lifetime, your friend’s walnut tree will sequester up to a tonne of carbon!

Watch the video below to learn about our tree-planting project from Riverford’s founder, Guy Singh-Watson…


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