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Red salanova lettuce

Red salanova lettuce


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Fresh Red Salanova lettuce from our Devon polytunnels. They are particularly beautiful: like dark rosettes, with burgundy outer leaves paling to a light green heart. The leaves are tender, with a delicate, sweet, buttery flavour – just right for refreshing salads as the weather starts to warm up. They’re only here for a couple of weeks; taste while you can!


Three tips for a good salad.

1) Balance. Balance salty cheese or olives with sweet apples, roasted peppers or tomatoes, and combat bitter tastes with something sharp.

2) Texture. Toasted nuts, seeds or croutons will lend a crunch to proceedings. Pulses and grains such as puy lentils or chickpeas bring bite as well as bulk. Raw beans or asparagus can add a hit of fresh, snappy succulence.

3) Style. It isn’t always prudent to toss everything together. Herbs, crumbled cheese, nuts and vibrant dressings


Store in the bottom of the fridge – best eaten as fresh as possible. Whole leaves attached to the lettuce last twice as long as chopped, washed leaves. Delivered from our farm, so wash before eating.


Our lettuces are sold as class 2. This means that they might not look cosmetically perfect, but they are grown for the very best flavour. (We have to tell you this to satisfy some EU rules).

Country of origin

Produced in the United Kingdom.

About the grower

Grown by the polytunnel team on Riverford’s own Wash Farm, Devon. These tunnels allow us to grow a variety of delicate salad veg all year round, without the use of artificial heat or light.