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  • Cauliflower


  1. Rice: Cauliflower rice/couscous is all the rage amongst low carb dieters and the gluten free. Blitz raw cauliflower florets in a processor until it resembles the aforementioned rice. Fry lightly for a few minutes before adding hot water or stock. Cook for a matter of minutes until tender.
  2. Raw: Not to everyone’s taste but if cut into small florets or finely sliced it can make a good addition to a robust salads. Try it with the mustard dressing that follows, some crumbled blue cheese, salad leaves and toasted hazelnuts.
  3. Roast: Just as if you were roasting some spuds but faster. Break down into florets, not too small all crumbly, roll in a generous glug of oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 8-10 minutes at 200°C, they should be just cooked and starting to brown at the more tender edges. This works some bold spicing such as garam masala of smoked paprika added to the mix.
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