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New potatoes with buttermilk and chive dressing recipe image

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Buttermilk gives a fresh, tangy flavour to the dressing. It is liquid left from the butter-churning process and is widely sold. A good substitute if you can't souce it for this new potato salad is to mix a tablespoon of yoghurt with a tablespoon of milk, or, for a thinner consistency, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice into a cup of milk and let stand for five minutes.


  • 750g new potatoes, scrubbed & cut in ½ if large
  • 2 tbsp crème fraîche
  • 2 tbsp buttermilk
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 2 tbsp Parmesan, grated
  • Small handful chives, snipped


  1. In a large pan of boiling salted water, cook the potatoes for about 12 minutes, or until just tender.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the crème fraîche, buttermilk, garlic and cheese. Add the chives and stir to combine.
  3. Drain the cooked potatoes, leave to cool slightly and toss in the dressing to coat. Serve warm or cold.
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