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Print green beans with pancetta & sage

Serve as a side dish to chicken or toss through pasta to make it a main meal in its own right, sprinkled with a little grated Parmesan. Add a pinch of chilli flakes if you like heat. You could also use a little very finely chopped rosemary instead of sage.


  • 500g French beans, topped & tailed
  • Sunflower or light olive oil, for frying
  • 250g pancetta, or bacon, cut into small cubes
  • 8–10 sage leaves (depending on size), finely shredded
  • Splash of balsamic or sherry vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Boil the beans in a pan of salted water for 3 minutes. Drain, refresh in a bowl of ice cold water, then drain again once cooled.
  2. In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon of oil over a medium heat. Add the pancetta and fry on a high heat, turning now and then, for about 5 minutes, until crispy.
  3. Turn the heat a little lower and cook for a further 5 minutes to render any fat in the pancetta. Add the beans and sage and stir for 2–3 minutes, to finish cooking the beans. Add a splash of vinegar, a little good olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Serve drizzled with any juices from the pan.
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