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This can be kept in the fridge for a few days or frozen in small batches and defrosted for use as required. Use about 3 tablespoons of paste for a Thai style curry for 4 people, adding your choice of meat, fish or veg, with extra chilli, lemongrass and spices to taste, with a 400ml tin of coconut milk and a little stock if needed to thin the curry sauce. For a more detailed recipe see Thai pumpkin curry or chicken and squash curry.


  • 1 small red or white onion, chopped
  • 1 stalk lemongrass, chopped
  • 2 red chillies
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 2cm piece fresh ginger, peeled & chopped
  • 2 tbsp tomato ketchup
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce (if not vegetarian use thai fish sauce)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp chilli powder
  • 2 tbsp lime juice
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp coconut milk


  1. To make the curry paste, blitz all the ingredients except the coconut milk in a food processor for a minute or two to combine. Add the coconut milk and blitz again until you have a smooth paste (add a little more coconut milk or water to thin a little if necessary).
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