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  • Squash


  1. Roast: Surely the most common treatment for a squash. Peeled and cut into chunks or curved wedges. Cooking times will vary from about 20-40 minutes in a hot oven depending on variety. They are done when they give to a firm pinch from a pair of tongs.
  2. Stew filler: Squash like to cook in a liquid environment, be it a fragrant broth or lightly spice tagine. They can be added in chunks to a slow braised stew for the final 30 minutes to bring a hearty sweetness to a dish and will carry strong curry spices with broad shoulders.
  3. Stuffed: Try removing the soft, seedy core with a large spoon and filling the cavity with a tasty, pulse or grain based stuffing, bake until the squash is tender. Smaller squashes will bake whole. Larger ones are best split in half. As a word of caution, never try to roast a whole uncut squash in an oven, they are rumoured to explode. Testing this theory is on my to-do list.
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