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  • Black kale


  1. Slow cooked: Kale doesn’t release a strong sulphurous stench when cooked for a long time like cabbage does, so this is a safe option. Strip the leaves from the stalks and cook them gently for 30 minutes with slow cooked onion, garlic and a dash of water or stock. Serve as a side or pile onto bruschetta, maybe with a little mascarpone folded through.
  2. Raw: All the rage of late, simply washed and torn or shredded. Dress with a punchy dressing; buttermilk or yoghurt, spiked with garlic, lemon juice, fresh herbs and thinned with olive oil, works a treat.
  3. The finale: Black kale won’t wilt and weep water like spinach or chard, so is easy to add to a dish at the end of cooking for a flash of green. Stir into risottos, hearty ribollita-style stews and pasta dishes for the final 5-10 minutes of cooking.
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