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  • Bunched onions


  1. Raw: Still sweet enough to be eaten raw and finely sliced into salads. If you want to take the sulphurous edge away from them steep in a dash of cider vinegar and a pinch of sugar for 30 mins before using.
  2. Whole: You can add whole to long cooking stews, tuck into the roasting tray alongside your preferred roasting joint where they should colour, soften and soak up all the stock and pan juices; or braise in a tight fitting pan with white wine, stock, bay and a little butter, reduce until dark sticky and giving.
  3. Fried Can be sliced and fried as any normal onion as a base for cooking. If you have the means to deep fry at home then you could try cutting into fine slices, dusting in a little corn flour and frying until crispy and golden. Drain on kitchen paper, season with salt and use as a garnish on everything from salads to steaks.
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