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We have reached the time of year when barely a week will pass without a salad pack or whole head of lettuce appearing across the box range. Having moved from the winter shelter of the poly tunnel to the open air, it is as much as we can do to keep up with the farrago of fronds from our fields.


  • Salad leaves or lettuce


  1. Balance We fill our bags with a mix of strong, peppery and mild leaves to create an interesting overall balance. Try and do the same with any ingredients you add. Balance a salty cheese or olives with something sweet like apples, roast peppers or tomatoes. Combat any bitter tastes with something sharp and acidic.
  2. Texture Toasted nuts, seeds or croutons will lend a crunch to proceedings. Cooked and cooled pulses and grains such as puy lentils, spelt, farro, and chickpeas will lend a bit of bite as well as bulk. Early in the season you will find that broad beans, asparagus and beans can be added raw for a hit of fresh snappy succulence.
  3. Style It isn’t always prudent to mix everything together with the dressing before serving. Sometimes it is worth taking the time to layer and place your ingredients so as best to show off their colours, shapes and contrasts. Herbs, crumbled cheese, nuts and vibrant coloured dressings are best added at the end as a finishing flourish.
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