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Traditionally made with veal, though we prefer altogether more principled pork, saltimbocca is a delicious, decadent and extremely quick dish, perfect for when you feel like something special but haven't got the time to slave over the stove. Serve with a salad or some wilted greens.


  • 4 pork steaks
  • 4 slice prosciutto, parma ham or jamon serrano
  • 8 sage leaves
  • 150ml dry white wine
  • 50g butter


  1. Using a rolling pin, gently tap out the pork steaks to a thickness of about 5mm. Place a slice of ham and a couple of sage leaves flat on each one, securing with cocktail sticks. You’ll have to bend the pork a little, but keep it as flat as possible.
  2. Melt the butter in a frying pan over a fairly high heat and fry the pork, sage and ham face-down for a couple of minutes. Hold down with the back of a spatula or wooden spoon. Turn over and fry for another two minutes.
  3. Remove to a warm plate, add the wine to the pan to deglaze and quickly reduce to a syrup. Spoon over the pork and serve.
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