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Bursting with flavour, texture and nutritional benefits, kale is a lovely, versatile vegetable. It suits everything from a quick sauté to a long, slow stew – and even to being eaten raw.


  • Kale


  1. Store in the fridge, in the bag we send it in.
  2. Prep & varieties: You can use kale, particularly cavolo nero, in many recipes instead of Savoy cabbage or spring/summer greens. It’s a very versatile veg and can work in place of spinach too.
  3. Red russian kale should keep for 3-4 days. It’s the most tender of the kales and needs the least cooking. You can eat the stems too. Just steam it for a couple of minutes, or sauté in a little butter or oil.
  4. Curly kale will keep a day or two longer than red russian. Cut or strip off any larger tougher stalks. It takes a little longer to cook, approx 3-4 minutes. It works really well in the kale crisps and lasagne recipes on our website.
  5. Cavolo nero (black kale) tastes stronger than other varieties and is a great match for Italian flavours. The stalks can be bitter and generally you won’t want to eat them, unless they’re very small. To prepare cavolo nero, take the stalk in one hand and use your thumb and forefinger to pull along the stalk and strip off the leaf. Compost the stalk. Cavolo nero is fantastic in soups and stews. It also makes a really simple but tasty pasta dish: boil for 3-4 minutes, drain, squeeze out any water, then roughly chop and sauté in a little butter, with some chilli and garlic. Toss through pasta with some grated cheese of your choice, a hard cheese is generally good.
  6. Braised kale: Slowly cook an onion in 1 tablespoon of oil until softened. Add a few slivers of garlic, a large bunch of kale leaves, shredded if large, and cook for a couple of minutes. Add a couple of ladles of veg stock and cook for a few minutes to reduce the liquid. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice and season. For a more substantial dish, add a diced carrot and celery stalk and a few thyme leaves with the onion. Stir through cooked puy lentils, chickpeas or white beans to serve. Good on its own with crusty bread, or with sausages.
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