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Veg peelings stock powder

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Veg peelings stock powder

This is an easy recipe to make your own vegetable stock powder using peelings and any veg and herbs that need using up. It’s really adaptable - feel free to mix it up and experiment each time with whatever peelings, vegetables and herbs you have available. Collect veg peelings in a bag in your freezer for a good few weeks so you have enough to make a bigger batch of stock that will last longer.

Cook's notes

Vegetables that work well include: onions, garlic, carrots, celery, leeks, parsnip, potato, swede, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, kale, mushrooms. You can include herbs too, try parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, basil, chives and chervil.


  • vegetables and/or veg peelings
  • fresh herbs
  • sea salt or table salt
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  • Step 1

    Wash and dry your selection of vegetables, peelings and herbs. Roughly chop them all, then transfer to a food processor and blend until you’ve got a very finely chopped consistency, almost like a paste. You may need to do this stage in batches if you're making a large amount.
  • Step 2

    Tip the vegetable mix into a large bowl and weigh it. Next, add 20% of the weight in salt, i.e for 500g of veg, add 100g salt. This may seem like a lot, but you will only be adding a teaspoon or so to each meal, and it works as a natural preservative. Mix thoroughly.
  • Step 3

    Add the salt and vegetable mix to a large saucepan and cook slowly on a low heat for 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally, until the veg is soft and cooked through. If a lot of moisture comes out from the veg during the cooking process, wait until it is all absorbed and cooked off.
  • Step 4

    Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Spoon the mixture onto the paper and spread it out evenly. Leave in a dehydrator overnight or slowly dry it out in the oven at 150°C for 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally, until it’s completely dry and crisp.
  • Step 5

    Allow to cool completely, then transfer to your food processor and blend again until you have a fine powder. Store your stock powder in a clean, airtight jar for up to 3 months. Use 1-2 teaspoons to 1 litre of boiling water for a flavourful stock.

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