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Simple boiled globe artichokes

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Simple boiled globe artichokes

Starter Serves 2 40 min
Simply boiled and patiently plucked until the tender heart is revealed, this lovely starter works best with the larger artichokes. Plain melted butter is hard to beat as a dip, but you could add either chopped thyme and pepper or mashed anchovies.


  • 2 globe artichokes
  • 50g butter, melted
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • salted and pepper


Prep time: 5 min
Cooking time: 35 min
  • Step 1

    Trim the stems and flush with the base. Remove any coarse outer leaves. Boil for 20 to 35 minutes until the outer leaf pulls off without resistance and the flesh is tender.
  • Step 2

    Drain upside down for a few minutes to remove excess water and serve. Dip each leaf in seasoned melted butter and lemon juice or vinaigrette and scrape the tender flesh from the inside of the leaf with your teeth.
  • Step 3

    Discard and repeat, working your way into the choke. When the leaves get too fiddly remove them and the hairy choke with a knife. You are left with the base or heart which is your reward for all the fuss. Dip it in the butter and indulge yourself.

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