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Leek, lemon and yoghurt soup

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Leek, lemon and yoghurt soup

Starter Serves 4 20 min
The creaminess of this quick-to-make and energising vegetarian soup comes from adding yoghurt at the end of cooking. Along with the lemon, this also gives it a refreshing, citrus taste. When wild garlic leaves are in season, you could try substituting them for the leeks.


  • ½ tbsp plain flour
  • 350g full fat plain yogurt
  • 500ml chicken or veg stock
  • 4 medium leeks, finely sliced
  • juice of 1-2 lemons
  • 2 handfuls any or all: parsley, mint, dill, tarragon, chopped
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper


Prep time: 10 min
Cooking time: 10 min
  • Step 1

    Blend the flour with a small amount of the yoghurt to make a smooth paste, then add the rest of the yoghurt and stir. Bring the stock to the boil and add the leeks. Cook briefly until leeks are tender.
  • Step 2

    Stir in the yoghurt and return to the boil, then add lemon juice and seasoning to taste - the soup should taste quite lemony. Throw in the herbs and a good slug of oil and serve.

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