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Figgy pudding cocktail

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Figgy pudding cocktail

Serves 1
A cocktail by Riverford Field Kitchen mixologist, Gem. Fig infused whiskey is the key tipple here, which you’ll find a separate recipe for in our recipes section - it needs a couple of weeks to infuse, so make that first then check back in with this recipe.

Cook's notes

To make honey syrup, dissolve 100g honey in 100ml boiling water. Store in a jar in the fridge.


  • Fig whiskey
  • Triple sec
  • Honey syrup, see cook’s notes
  • 1 lemon
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  • Step 1

    In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 75ml fig whiskey, 15ml (1/2 shot) triple sec, 1 tbsp honey syrup and the juice of a lemon.
  • Step 2

    Shake for 10 to 15 seconds and strain into a chilled glass.
  • Step 3

    Finish with a twist of lemon peel.

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