vegetarian - 3 meals for 4 people

vegetarian - 3 meals for 4 people


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Create inspiring vegetarian meals with our organic Vegetarian Recipe Box. This box is ideal for busy people looking for healthy, meat-free meal ideas. It’s packed with everything you need to make 3 mouthwatering organic vegetarian meals for 4 people. Enjoy stress-free cooking and guaranteed tasty results.

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Quick Overview

3 tasty recipes. Packed with flavour, fresh and nourishing.

More about the box

Our Vegetarian Recipe Box is a simple way to create flavour-packed, super-fresh vegetarian meals that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you’re all vegetarian or you simply prefer to eat less meat, we’ll give you inspiring healthy meal ideas that are easy to rustle up at the end of a hectic day.

Inside each box you’ll find the freshest, seasonal organic veg, 3 mouthwatering vegetarian recipes with foolproof, step-by-step instructions, and all the ingredients you need to create sensational vegetarian suppers. What’s more, we give you all the ingredients in exact quantities to feed 4 so you don’t have to faff with scales or measuring spoons.

Our experienced chefs create original vegetarian recipes each week to include the best available seasonal veg on our farm, so there’s always a new recipe to try. From spicy Indonesian corn fritters to roasted squash risotto, each recipe is guaranteed to give you flavour-packed results, whatever your standard of cooking.

Customers tell us they love the convenience of our Vegetarian Recipe Box and that it inspires them to be more adventurous with their own vegetarian cooking. Some tell us they use their recipe box as an occasion to cook together as a family: our easy to follow instructions allow even younger children to get involved and develop a love for cooking healthy meals.