Guest Chefs - The Happy Pear

Guest Chefs - The Happy Pear


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3 vegetarian meals for 2 people.

Last time we teamed up with The Happy Pear, their vibrant, veg-packed recipes went down a storm. We’re thrilled to have them back for these new limited edition recipe boxes.

The boys’ personality shines through in these unique twists on international classics: each dish is joyful, wholesome, and full of goodness. Really filling and with bags of aromatic flavour, they’re not just for vegetarians. See this week’s recipes here.

With each box, we deliver the freshest organic produce, step-by-step recipes, and all the ingredients in exact quantities.

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Limited edition box. Deliveries until the 2nd June.

Available for deliveries from 8th May to 2nd June.

About the chefs

The Happy Pear, Stephen and David Flynn, are Irish chefs and identical twins who run a natural food shop, café, restaurant and superfood sprout farm, as well as giving health education talks. Their goal? To ‘inspire a happier and healthier world’. The boys have an infectious enthusiasm for vibrant, veg-packed cooking, which is a brilliant match with our own approach to food, and their huge following on YouTube is testament to how good their recipes are.

Hear more from the boys themselves in this video: