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Quince x3

Quince x3


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Fragrant organic quinces; their season is brief, so fill your boots. When raw, they’re hard and bitter – but cooking turns them soft, deeply flavoured and golden pink. Thanks to their high levels of pectin, quinces are ideal for making jellies, jams, or membrillo, a hard quince preserve that the Spanish eat with cheese. Now’s the time to make some sunset-pink preserves for Christmas – for a mouth-watering homemade gift, or to complement your cheeseboard or roast game.


Quinces are much harder than apples or pears, so don’t wait for them to go soft. Wash, cut into quarters, then remove the core with a v-shaped cut. Slice or cut into chunks as required – they’ll take 50 minutes to bake, or 40 minutes to poach in a light sugar syrup. Add to apple crumbles or pies; serve with game, casseroles and tagines; make traditional quince jelly or membrillo; or add to chutneys, pies and tarts. A very versatile treat.


Keep in the fridge. Straight from the farm, so please wash before eating.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.