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guy’s newsletter: racing pulses & changes to our box range

After a couple of sunny mornings I feel my pulse rate rising as another cropping year is about to start. Memories of floods and mud will be banished as the first seedlings are fed into the planter and delivered into the soil in orderly rows. It has been a miserable time in the fields but if there was going to be 10 weeks of relentless rain, the dormant winter months were the best time for it to fall. Soil temperatures are relatively high and the first plantings of potatoes in Cornwall and Jersey are sprouting and developing well. In France, we have been able to keep up with the lettuce planting through the rain and by the time you read this we should be sowing cabbage and spinach and preparing beds for courgettes. I can barely contain my excitement.

When we packed our first vegboxes on the floor of an old cow shed over 20 years ago, there was little planning. My fundamental assumption was that everyone cooked and ate like me and my family, and the arrival of a box would be the equivalent of a lazy walk around an allotment with just the vaguest plans for dinner. As it dawned on me that eating habits and appetites varied as much as our taste in clothes, our box range proliferated. Over the years we have added fruit, different sizes and styles and some rather nonsensical names, and ended up with a range which even I am confused by. Next month we are reorganizing things so that (I hope) you will find it easier to pick the best box for you, avoid things you don’t want and get more of the things you do. More details to follow.

Guy Watson

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