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Preserved lemons kit

Preserved lemons kit


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Whether you are an experienced pickler or a preserving novice, Riverford’s new Preserved Lemon kit will add colour to your kitchen shelf and an exotic zing to your cooking. Developed by Riverford’s pickling guru, Anna Colquhoun, the kit is an easy and tasty way to start pickling at home and add a North African flavour to your food.

This kit contains everything you need to make two half litre Kilner jars of preserved lemons, including 12 organic unwaxed lemons, spices, Anna’s easy to follow recipe and Riverford jam jar labels (salt is not included). They are really easy to make and make great gifts.

See our guide to making preserved lemons here.

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You can buy the half litre Kilner jars for £2.85 each here.

Preserved lemons are a staple in the Moroccan kitchen, used to add a unique aromatic and sour note to numerous dishes. They are fantastic chopped up and added to chicken and olive tagine, chickpea and couscous dishes, salads and herby garnishes for fish and rich stews.

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12 lemons, Spice sachet (cinnamon stick, bay leaves, cloves, black peppercorns, coriander seeds), 2 Riverford jam jar labels, Recipe and preserving advice.