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White sweet potatoes 600g

White sweet potatoes 600g


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Unusual sweet potatoes with purple skin and cream-coloured flesh. There is a pronounced sweetness to their flavour, but they are quite starchy, and will crisp up at the edges when roasted. A bit of a kitchen chameleon, use them in place of standard sweet potatoes or spuds – or even as a summery alternative to parsnips.

Their sweetness works beautifully with fresh, zingy flavours. Chuck garlic, lime, ginger or herbs at it, and you can’t go wrong.


Try these baked, roasted, mashed, in curries and stews, or even made into chips. No need to peel them unless you’re making a smooth mash or soup.


Keep in a cool, dry place. Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking.

Organic sweet potato grower

These sweet potatoes come from a family-owned organic grower in Honduras. Female empowerment is a founding principle: 80% of their workforce are women, with a special focus on single mothers from the villages surrounding their 300 hectares. As well as offering the women stable employment, Ecosur support them in educating their children.