White potatoes

£2.75 / 2kg


The varieties change every week as the season progresses, each with their own cooking virtues, flavour and appearance. We give you tips with every bag, to help you make the most of each week’s pick!.

UK Seasonality

We start the season with new potatoes in early May, moving to salad potatoes in July. For the rest of the year we use maincrop varieties that change as the season progresses.

How to prepare

For floury and all-rounder varieties, peel, chunk and boil for 15 mins, then try mash with a twist. Beat mustard into it, add fresh herbs or parmesan or stir in cooked shredded cabbage or kale for colcannon. For something different with new potatoes, bake them with garlic and herbs in a parchment bag at 200℃ for 40 mins, to burst open and serve at the table.


Keep new potatoes in the fridge and floury/all-rounder varieties in a paper bag somewhere cool and dark

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