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Free Popcorn on the cob - a Christmas gift from Riverford

Free Popcorn on the cob - a Christmas gift from Riverford


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Organic popping corn – Guy’s latest experiment. Grown and dried on our farm in France, it’s a treat to watch these ears of corn transform from golden kernels to puffed-up little butterflies dancing around the pan.

We’re giving this popping corn away absolutely free as a Christmas gift from us. Just add it to your order and it will arrive, free of charge. There’s a limited amount, and we’d like as many people as possible to enjoy the magic of kernels transforming into a pan of popped corn, so please only order one.

How to store popcorn on the cob

Keep dry at room temperature in the bag we deliver it in.

How to cook popcorn

Start by stripping the dried kernels from the cob. The best way is to hold the cob with both hands and twist. This should loosen the first few kernels, it is then just a case of thumbing the rest away from the cob and into a bowl.

You'll need a heavy-based saucepan with a tight fitting lid. Warm 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, add the corn and put the lid on tight. Shake occasionally until you hear the popping start, then shake continuously over a high heat until it ebbs. Remove the corn and discard and unpopped pieces.

To flavour the popcorn add a knob of butter into the warm corn and mix until coated. You can then add any number of flavours. Either keep it simple with flaky sea salt or a sprinkle of sugar or maple syrup. If you fancy more of a kick, get inventive by adding a few turns of black pepper, a light shake of cider vinegar or chilli powder to the salty version.

Country of origin

Grown in France.