Luckily, our veg boxes allow us to pack the majority of our fruit, veg and salad loose, but packaging is a necessary evil, and for some fruit and veg is unavoidable.

While we use paper bags and card punnets where possible, for example with root vegetables and grapes, it isn’t suitable for everything. Moist, leafy veg such as lettuce and spinach wilt and lose quality quickly in paper bags, as the paper draws moisture from the veg, causing it to dehydrate.

We are currently assessing all our packaging and undertaking in-depth research to make changes where possible. But at the moment, the below items all come in plastic packaging; either a bag, film wrap, or plastic punnet. We hope this list might be useful for those who want to avoid all plastic, so you can make informed choices about what to order.

Some items ordered not as part of a set veg box need to be packaged when they wouldn’t if included in a set box; this is when they are in multiples or a set weight, because they need to be pre-portioned before the packing line.

Find out how you can recycle any plastic packaging here.

Veg boxes

Brussels sprouts Film bag
Cime di rapa Plastic bag
Chard loose leaves Plastic bag
French beans Film bag
Garden peas Plastic bag
Kale (curly, hungry gap, red Russian, black) Plastic bag
Lettuce (Batavia, oakleaf, butterhead) Plastic bag
Mangetout Film bag
Mushrooms (in large boxes only)* Plastic punnet
Padron peppers Plastic bag
Pak choi Plastic bag
Peashoots Film bag
Purple sprouting broccoli Plastic bag
Samphire Film bag
Salad leaves (mixed, mild) Film bag
Sugar snap peas Film bag
Spinach Plastic bag
Sweet mixed peppers Film bag
Tomatoes (standard, in large boxes only)* Plastic punnet
Wild garlic Film bag


Apricots Plastic punnets
Blackcurrants Plastic punnets
Blueberries Plastic punnets
Figs Plastic punnet
Nectarines Plastic punnets
Peaches, flat Plastic punnets
Raspberries Plastic punnets
Redcurrants Plastic punnets
Strawberries Plastic punnets


Basil Plastic bag
Bay leaves Plastic bag
Blackcurrants Plastic punnet
Blueberries Plastic punnet
Brussels sprouts Plastic bag
Summer sprouting Broccoli Film bag
Beansprouts, mixed Plastic box
Celeriac Plastic bag
Celery Plastic bag
Chard (mixed, rainbow and swiss) Plastic bag
Chervil Plastic bag
Chillies Plastic bag
Chives Plastic bag
Cime di rapa Plastic bag
Coriander Plastic bag
Dandelion leaves Plastic bag
Dill Plastic bag
Figs (black and white) Plastic punnet
Flat beans Plastic bag
French beans Film bag
Garden peas Film bag
Kale Plastic bag
Lettuce (little gem, lambs, Batavia, pain de sucre) Plastic bag/ Film bag
Mangetout Film bag
Medjool dates Plastic punnet
Mint Plastic bag
Mushrooms, large size only (400g)* Plastic punnet
Nectarines Plastic punnet
Pak choi Plastic bag
Peaches, doughnut Plastic punnet
Peashoots Film bag
Padron peppers Film bag
Peppers (Sweet mixed & red romano) Plastic bag
Purple sprouting broccoli Plastic bag
Radicchio Plastic bag
Raspberries Plastic punnet
Redcurrants Plastic punnet
Rocket Film bag
Rosemary Plastic bag
Sage Plastic bag
Salad leaves Film bag
Samphire Film bag
Sorrel Plastic bag
Spinach Plastic bag
Spring/summer greens Plastic bags
Sugar snap peas Film bag
Strawberries Plastic punnet
Tarragon Plastic bag
Thyme Plastic bag
Tomatoes, large size only (750g) * Plastic punnet
Watercress Plastic bag
Wild garlic Film bag

*Large mushrooms and large tomatoes currently come in a plastic punnet whereas smaller weights do not. This is due to a packaging supply issue that we are currently working on.

Plastic packaging list

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