Riverford Wicked Leeks




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Beautifully sweet and juicy organic pineapples, grown by small-scale Fairtrade farmers in West Africa; Riverford founder Guy Singh-Watson has visited the growers in Togo himself, to be absolutely sure that everyone gets a fair deal. Some varieties are naturally green skinned, but they are always ripe and ready to eat. No need to wait until the skin turns golden – just tuck in.

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Eat raw, or try grilling with a little sugar and rum for a Caribbean feel.


It’s a common misconception that the leaves come off easily when pineapples are ripe; in reality this happens when they’ve turned. Enjoy them soon, while they’re at their best - we suggest you eat them within a couple of days of delivery.

Country of origin

Grown in Togo.

Grower Info

For over 30 years, ProNatura have been coordinating production and providing support for small-scale organic farmers – initially in their native France, and now further afield in Morocco, Togo, Burkina Faso and more (where the growers are also Fairtrade). They offer all sorts of expert advice and resources: from practical and financial support in becoming organically certified, and help promoting soil fertility and choosing the best varieties to grow in each region, to assistance in storing and packaging the final results.

Their fresh fruit has been such a smash hit at Riverford that Guy even went out to Togo to meet ProNatura’s organic, Fairtrade pineapple growers for himself – see more in this video.