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Papaya’s sweet, fragrant taste will be familiar to most people as the central note (alongside mango) in just about every ‘tropical flavour’ childhood treat.

For an Asian-style salad, use your papaya while it’s still slightly under-ripe, with plenty of chilli and salt to balance its perfumed sweetness. Otherwise, wait until perfectly ripe, then blend into fruity smoothies or just tuck in as a succulent snack.


Wait till the skin looks mottled and the fruit gives to a gentle squeeze (like an avocado), then eat as soon as possible – papayas have a short window of perfect ripeness. Discard the skin and seeds.

How to store papaya

Store in a fruit bowl until ripe, then move to the fridge.

Organic papaya grower

Grown in Spain by Paco Lozano and his team. Paco has been working with Riverford for 10 years, growing our tomatoes and Romano peppers outside of the UK season, plus aubergines, melons, and other crops that struggle in our cooler climate.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.