Riverford Wicked Leeks


A Riverford potato has hit the national news today, as it went up into space in a high altitude weather balloon with a vegbox sleigh. ‘Spudnik’ is the brainchild of our IT guy Alex, his friend Chester and our local primary school Landscove, whose kids provided ideas and also designed the festive costume.

The plucky potato was launched at 9.30am near our farm in Devon. Spudnik travelled at a height of 20 miles, along with some digital cameras and a low budget GPS tracking system. The potato landed at around midday in a field of Christmas trees near Basingstoke. Spudnik was a little mashed around the edges but survived the flight and brought us some fantastic photos of the earth taken from high in the stratosphere.

You can see more photos here http://www.spudnik1.co.uk/