Riverford Wicked Leeks

our farm move

Some of you will be aware that we have recently expanded to take on 500 acres of land around Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre just to the north of Peterborough, doubling our growing capacity. The farm is in the process of completing its two year conversion period to become fully organic with the first big cropping year planned for 2009. In the meantime we have planted over 1,000 apple, pear and plum trees that are nearly all blossoming despite the best efforts of the hares and deer. At the last count the number of casualties were three, which I think we can just about live with.

We are also just about to start the building of our new packhouse at the farm. It will be a monumental move for us after over two years of a fairly nomadic existence, but it is likely to be a nail biting time as we try to get everything up and running before our eviction date at our current home. Keep all of your fingers and toes crossed!


Some of you will have noticed that our carrots have been misbehaving in recent weeks. After hibernating in the ground over winter and then spending a few weeks in the cold store they suddenly decide it is time to wake up and grow like fury in a bid to flower and set seed. I am afraid this tends to mean that by the time the carrots find their way out of your fridges to be prepared for dinner they can have an inch of growth on their top and the odd little side shoot. We have now made the decision to move to imported (and washed) Spanish carrots for a few weeks, before we start with our own bunches late in June. I am afraid that all the imported carrots have to be washed to be transported into the country. We don