Riverford Wicked Leeks

our annual gathering

Each year all the local distributors from the two farms, Riverford and River Nene, meet up for some lovely food, a few drinks and an awards ceremony to reward hard work over the year. Delivering boxes can be quite a lonely existence, so gathering with others in the same boat is quite a release - reflected by the number of bottles of wine that tend to get consumed! All the local distributors do an amazing job of managing customers' orders, getting the boxes to your homes and making sure you get the best possible service from us. It always seems like a fantastic job when the sun is shining and the days are long - but by November when the nights draw in, the rain starts to fall and the temperature drops below freezing, its not quite so appealing! The awards are a way for us all at the farms to say a big thanks to all the team who are out there day in day out pootling around the streets getting the boxes to your homes.

On the farm

We have cleared all the broad beans now. As with most seasonal products the last batch we picked was starting to deteriorate a little with chocolate spot affecting a number of the pods and beans. Stan took the decision today to draw the crop to a slightly premature close rather than risk more problems. I am afraid that this will mean that there won't be any more broad beans on the Extras List or in the boxes this year; but as one bean moves on another takes its place with French beans frequenting all the boxes in the coming weeks. By September the French beans will be tailing off to make way for the runners.

New extras

Have a peek at the extras list for August treats. We have added French beans, chillies, Romero peppers, herbs, cooking apples and English plums - all for a limited period only.

Rob Haward