Ox kidney diced

£4.10 / 300g


Juicy, richly flavoursome organic ox kidney from small-scale West Country farms. We expertly dice the meat by hand in our own butchery, so there’s no prep needed – it’s all ready to simmer into warming traditional stews, pies and casseroles.

Delivered in insulated packaging to keep cool on your doorstep. Minimum meat order £15 to cover the cost of the packaging.

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How to prepare

Defrost thoroughly before use. Toss in seasoned flour, then brown quickly in a pan on the hob. Cook gently for an hour with a glass of red wine, 250ml stock, 100g mushrooms, a sliced onion, bouquet garni and a little English mustard and tomato ketchup. Top with suet, puff or shortcrust pastry and bake for 30 mins. Alternatively, try a traditional steamed pudding, or use in a casserole – dumplings essential.


Keep in the fridge below 5˚C. Pre-frozen, do not refreeze.

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