Yukina pak choi

£2.15 / 250g


It’s tasty stuff: much like pak choi, but with a firmer texture, and an almost buttery flavour, a bit reminiscent of swede. The succulent crunch of the stems is a particular treat. Asian flavourings are its most common bedfellows; throw various combinations of hoisin, teriyaki, chilli, ginger or garlic at it and you can’t go wrong. Or, use as you would any other cabbage, as a simple, vitamin-packed side of greens.

Country of origin

Grown in
  • Spain

How to prepare

Everything is usable. Wash well and slice as thickly or thinly as you want. You can separate the stalks and leaves if you feel the need.

None of it needs to be cooked for very long. The stalks can be sliced and stir-fried for 1-2 mins before adding the leaves for the final 30 secs or so to wilt. Or, the whole leaf can be finely shredded and added to soups, broths or stir-fries at the very end.


Put straight into your fridge in the bag it’s delivered in. Best used as fresh as possible – within 3 or 4 days of delivery.

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