Patty pan squash Grown by Clive Martin at March, Cambridgeshire

£2.55 / 2 pack


Organic patty pan squash. Mild and soft-skinned, these are a summer variety that really do look like little golden pies (or flying saucers). Harvested while young and tender, they taste a bit like courgettes, but with firmer flesh and a more buttery flavour that’s a good vehicle for herbs and spices.

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Country of origin

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  • The UK

How to prepare

One of the few types of squash where you can avoid the fiddly business of peeling. Trim the top and bottom, and all the rest is good to eat. For an elegant summer centrepiece, serve whole, stuffed and roasted. They can also be cut into slices or cubes and braised, steamed, sautéed or roasted.


Keep in the salad drawer of the fridge. Delivered straight from the farm, so wash before using.

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