Red onions

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Vibrant organic red onions. One of your best friends in the kitchen – almost every meal begins with the peeling of an onion. True stalwarts of the vegetable world, they have an incredible versatility of flavour. Sweated down, they're the base for any number of stews, sauces, and soups, but onions can also be placed centre stage – baked whole until tender, caramelised and sticky, or used as a sweet-savoury filling for a tart.

Because red onions are milder and sweeter than white, these maroon-skinned bulbs can also be used raw to add colour and sweet kick to salads and salsas.

Country of origin

Produced in
  • The Netherlands

UK Seasonality

The season begins with fresh, green onions with their tops on from May. Dry white and red onions are around from July to February.

How to prepare

Can be sliced thinly and eaten raw or slow cooked until sweet, dark and tangled. Try roasting in wedges or even baking whole until meltingly tender and collapsing. They slightly darken anything they are cooked in, so are best used for dark tomato/red wine-based sauces or stews, rather than something light and clear.

BBQ tip - Take a strong, sulphurous tear-jerker of an onion, apply some steady heat, and you’ll end up with something sweet and tender. There are two BBQ methods: the first is to simply cook them in a heavy-based frying pan, off to one side from the direct heat. Peel and slice the onions and add to the pan with a good glug of oil and a generous pinch of salt. Let them cook away, stirring often, until you have a soft, tangled mass. You want them golden but not burnt. If they look like catching at any point, add a dash of water.

The less gentle method is to place your onions directly onto the embers to cook. Leave the skins on and turn them at regular intervals, until the outsides are blackened but they feel soft when squeezed with tongs. Large ones can take up to 45 mins. When ready, strip away the burnt outer layer and serve the tender hearts.


Keep cool and dry, preferably somewhere with a bit of air movement.

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