Mini butternut squash Grown by Guy Singh-Watson at Riverford in the Vendée, France

£3.25 / 4 pack


These pocket-sized squashes are far too tasty to go to waste. A crop from our French farm, they’ve come through rather under size – but still sweet, creamy and delectable. We thought we’d offer them in bags of four; each a convenient two-person portion, and perfect if you just want a bit of Butternut for a recipe (no need to keep a cut squash in your fridge). The rest can sit in a cheerful troop on the shelf until you’re ready to eat them.

Country of origin

Grown in
  • France

How to prepare

Cook just as you would a normal Butternut; an exceptionally versatile squash, thin-skinned and easy to prepare. Chopped into chunks, it will roast in a medium-hot oven in 20-25 mins. Butternut squash also makes a sturdy base for a soup, or a stable purée to stir through risottos. The flesh holds its shape well as it cooks, making it ideal to add to stews and curries.


Keep squash warm and dry. Enjoy their decorative qualities by storing them on a kitchen shelf. They should last several months. Once cut, keep them in the fridge and use within a week.

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