Kabocha squash Grown by Guy Singh-Watson at Baddaford Farm, Devon



Bumper-sized squash! We’ve had a particularly happy crop of squash this season, which have grown a bit larger than normal. They have the same rich flavour as ever – there’s just more for you to enjoy.

Also known as Japanese squash, Kabocha (sometimes green-skinned, sometimes orange) is a beautiful squash with a particularly firm, sweet and dense orange flesh. It’s particularly good simmered, steamed and mashed, or roasted in wedges with the skin left on.

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How to prepare

Try cutting into chunks and roasting in olive oil at 180°C/Gas 4 for about 30 mins, until nearly cooked, then add chopped garlic, rosemary and chilli and return to the oven for another 5 mins. Roasted squash is brilliant paired with ricotta and sage leaves.

Don't throw the insides away! The seeds and inside trimmings from squash can be used in veg stock, giving a vibrant colour when used in risotto or soup. Add squash trimmings to other stock ingredients, simmer in enough water to cover for about an hour and strain through a sieve.


Many squash will store through the winter if kept warm and dry. Some people like to store them decoratively on their kitchen shelves.

  • Grown by Guy Singh-Watson, Baddaford Farm, Devon

    Guy Singh-Watson is the founder of Riverford, and grew up on our own Wash Farm, Devon. These days, he also has his own farm just next door: Baddaford. On this 150-acre farm, nestled in a steep-sided valley, Guy and his team grow all sorts of organic fruit and veg for our boxes; from summer strawberries to autumn squash.

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