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Add fiery heat to your dish with our organic chillies. There are thousands of varieties out there – you’ll get a mix of the best as we pick them. Look out for poblano, jalapeño, cherry bomb, cayenne, purple gusto, vampire chillies and more. During the UK season they might all be green, but will still vary in heat. Taste as you go and add with caution!

Country of origin

Produced in
  • Spain
If a taste of the tip doesn't take your head off, it's pretty safe to include a whole chilli in a dish for six
- Guy Singh-Watson, Riverford founder

How to prepare

Use them cooked into a dish or raw in a salsa or as a garnish. The intense heat is concentrated in the seeds, so consider removing them before chopping if you want a milder hit. Wash your hands thoroughly after preparing chillies and avoid touching your eyes or any sensitive skin.


Store in a plastic bag in the fridge for 1-3 weeks. Fresh from the farm, so give them a wash before using.

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